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FeONIC F-Drives is most commonly used to convert new and existing structures of commonly used resonant building materials into high quality loudspeakers. The structural surface performs as a highly intelligible powerful distributed mode (non-directional) speaker suitable for both audio reproduction and public address systems, satisfying the EN60849 standard for acoustic quality in public places. The F-Drive is unlike traditional speaker technology, produces a more even distribution of distinct sound, because it uses a very high powered magnetostrictive smart material as the driver instead of a moving coil. The magnetic field that causes the smart material inside the sounder to react is created by drive coils around the material. The smart material sounder exhibits much superior properties over conventional speaker technologies.

The FeONIC F-Drives produces immersive sounds with almost all materials such as, plasterboard, aluminium, wood floors or even glass. It provides invisible audio to places such as bus shelters, patio doors or smoking shelters.

Technical Specification
Impedance: 4 Ohms
Integrated Circuitry: 3 way cross over & circuit protection
Operating temperature range: -20oC to +80oC* (-50oF to 176oF)
Storage temperature range: -20oC to +100oC* (-50oF to 212oF)
Weight: c1500g
Dimensions: 57mm (W) x 118mm (L) x 55.5mm (H)
Mounting method: 3M VHB adhesive tape or optional mounting plate with screw holes
Connection to amplifier: +ve/-ve terminal post
Maximum power rating: 100Watt / 50Watt 100V line with additional transformer
Sensitivity1: (glass2) 69dBA @ 1m
Sensitivity1 : (MDF3) 69dBA @ 1m
Typical Bandwidth: 63Hz-20,000Hz
Sound Pressure Level4: (glass2) Peak 101dBA (SPL 98dBA) @ 1kHz 1m
Sound Pressure Level4: (MDF3) Peak 105dBA (SPL 102dBA) @ 1kHz 1m
Speech Transmission Index /Common Intelligibility Scale5: 0.60 to 0.75 /0.78 to 0.88
Environmental protection IP55 (Impervious to moisture damage**)

1Sensitivity measured with 1kHz sine wave at 1Watt, 2Reference glass panel size 10mm x 1m x 1m, 3Reference MDF panel size 18mm x 1m x 1m, 4Max Sound Pressure Level (SPL) achieved with actuator mounted on same side as measurement with 1kHz sine signal before circuit protection is triggered, 5STI/CIS values, measured to IEC Standard 60268-16, are typical values since it is dependent on acoustics of installation site. * high temperature variants available on special order. ** Cannot be immersed