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Introduction The 100 Watt F1M amplifier has been specifically designed to complement the F1.3 audio drive. Compact and efficient this next generation Hypex designed Class D amplifier extracts every dB from FeONIC technology with very low heat output. Particularly suitable for FeONIC Floor installations where high load surfaces are to be driven.

Power requirements: 100V-240V (mains power)
Audio in connection: Phono socket
Audio out connections: Binding posts
Dimension: 7.1cm (W) x 25.0cm (L) x 10.4cm (H)
Weight: 2.4Kg
Input impedance: 47k6
Output impedance: 46
Output power: 100Watt
Frequency response: 12Hz-50kHz
Operating temperature: 0oC - 65oC