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What is Terfenol-D?
Terfenol-D is a magnetostrictive material, when exposed to magnetic fields, these materials change their shape by expanding and contracting at high speed and this phenomenon has been exploited to produce actuators in an entirely new class of audio products, FeONIC.

How does it work?
Forces from an actuator are used to convert and amplify audio signals that when attached directly to the surface of glass, wood or metal will vibrate the surface and turn that window or table into the loudspeaker.

Can you see or feel the vibrations?
You cannot see the vibrations. However, you might be able to feel the vibrations when at high volumes, but they are not intrusive.

Do you require special amplification?
Most of the FeONIC actuators are fully compatible with existing amplifiers.

Are FeONIC actuators water resistant?
Terfenol was originally developed by the US Navy, so not only is it water resistant, if correctly sealed, they will work beneath water, including sea water.

Do the FeONIC actuators get hot?
It will never get hot as the temperature of the solid mass does not heat up and is always cool to touch.

Are the FeONIC actuators easily broken?
No, the solid-state technology is extremely robust.