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FeONIC’s patented Audio Drive technology truly is “sound without speakers”.

It overcomes all the problems associated with traditional speaker systems – poor sound quality, noise pollution, high maintenance / installation costs and being prone to vandalism – with a superior solution, at a lower cost.

FeONIC’s new technology delivers sound locally. It is not a direct broadcast technology (as are speakers), and therefore does not suffer from problems associated with reverberation.

It can be used in every aspect – at a restaurant/food court, on a coffee table/boardroom table, on building structures, on indoor/outdoor spas, as a home entertainment system, on trains, trams and light rail trains, at railway stations, on buses/coaches, at bus stops, in airport terminals and so on – in fact, in any location where intelligible speech is a requirement.

FeONIC Audio Drive technology works by using a smart material, originally developed for the US Navy, to deliver massive force from small amounts of electrical stimulation to solid substrates (wood, plastic, metal, glass etc.), resulting in clear, audible and directional audio signals.

The key benefits of FeONIC Audio Drive technology are:

  • Significant cost savings when compared to traditional flood speakers
  • Invisibly integrated into existing or new structures – no design compromise
  • Low profile design, no need for speaker boxes – space saving
  • No directional limitations normally associated with traditional speakers
  • Intelligibility exceeds European Standards for audio in public places
  • Volume for volume FeONIC devices produce better audio than small speakers
  • Plug and play using standard audio outputs
  • The technology uses less power than conventional speaker systems and so is more economic to run
  • Its solid state construction means it has no moving parts and is therefore highly reliable
FeONIC® Audio Drives can deliver a frequency response as wide as 63Hz to 20KHz at volumes up to and above 90dB, delivering up to 100W of power distributed over a massive area rather than being emitted from a single point source. This provides for highly intelligible voice (PA) or emergency tone only output.

FeONIC® Audio Drives achieve plug and play compatibility with traditional 100V line signal with integrated 100V step down transformers enabling simple retrofit procedures into existing 100V systems.

FeONIC® Audio Drives are compatible with existing audio installations as found in transport installations.

FeONIC® Audio Drive technology enables emergency alarm signalling, public announcement music and entertainment to be transmitted in the vicinity of the resonant panels evenly and consistently.