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Soundbug™ was originally developed as a highly portable alternative to headphones or loudspeakers for use with products such as MP3 players or portable DVD players. The Soundbug™ plugs into the standard 3.5mm headphone socket of any device. A sucker push ring attaches it firmly to any hard, glossy surface such as glass, Metal or MDF, such as a table, a mirror, or a window. The signal from the audio device creates a sounding board out of the surface to which it is attached, reproducing a very effective sound.

The magnetic field that causes the tiny amount of Terfenol-D inside the Soundbug to react, is created by a drive coil around the Terfenol-D.

A single Soundbug is loud enough to provide a group of people music entertainment or listen to a laptop presentation. The Soundbugs can be linked in parallel to replicate full stereo and a significantly increased sound output.

Bottle Cap – 87mm x 41mm
Circular Generic – 92mm x 46mm